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  1. Yamaha Golf Cart Custom Deluxe Dashboards
  2. The Yamaha Elite Dash (G29/Drive) was designed for functionality and appearance. This dash really gives an updated look. And of course as with all of our dashes we put the radio and speakers where they belong - In The Dash! This gives your speakers much better sound by using the stock enclosure behind the dash to provide you with a more adequate speaker enclosure. Dash comes pre-cut for standard size radios Speaker holes cut for 6" speakers. Space on the dash for other switches you may want to add (examples: battery meters, 12V acc., extra lighting, etc.) Equipped with 2 cup holders and a small storage area for loose items large coffee mug holder (in center) is actually designed for your Coleman Heater. Designed to snap firmly into place - AND STAY! Available in Two Finishes: Wood Grain and Carbon Fiber.