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Yamaha Golf Cart Battery Chargers and Parts

The golf cart charger and the parts are fundamental for keeping your cart running and are responsible for keeping up the power in your golf cart battery. A dependable golf cart battery charger that is in good working condition will help maintain the overall well-being of your golf cart, to ensure that you get the most mileage out of it. It will also help to reduce other potential repairs related to your battery system. Fortunately, C & C Golf Carts stocks chargers and parts for all the major golf cart manufacturers to include: E-Z-GO, Club Car, Yamaha, Tomberlin, Star EV, Fairplay, Taylor Dunn, Gem and Columbia golf carts.
Every brand or golf cart company and manufacturer uses a different charger for their particular golf cart or electric vehicle and this is why an Yamaha charger is not interchangeable with a another charger. You will see this if you try to install an Yamaha charger into a Club Car or E-Z-Go golf cart. On the newer golf carts the charger ends are different on each vehicle and will either not fit or connect, even sometimes on the same brand of vehicle, so the mistake will be apparent. The golf cart battery charger that is used for each vehicle is measured in Volts and is determined by the voltage of the golf cart it is used with, for example 36 volts, 48 volts or 72 volts and this wide voltage range is the reason for different types of chargers.
C & C Golf Carts has all of the different types of battery chargers available for purchase. We can provide the original OEM battery charger supplied by each manufacture. We also sell compatible DPI fully automatic battery chargers for all of the manufactures with separate connector ends to fit all of the major golf carts and electric vehicles.