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What Year Is My Golf Cart?

It is imperative that you know the year your golf cart was manufactured so that you can search for and purchase the correct parts. Typically, there are two important tags on a golf cart: a serial tag and the manufacturer’s number. They tend to be located near the passenger’s glove compartment box or on the frame of the golf cart, close to the engine and battery. While the serial tag is useful for finding your exact model in a golf cart serial number lookup database, it does not have the year it was manufactured. The manufacturer’s number will help with golf cart model identification and the year it was made. It will be a mixture of letters and numbers, with two of the numbers representing the last two digits of the model year.

Use our guides to help you with your golf cart identification so you can be sure you know the parts you need to replace and repair your cart. If you are having trouble identifying your golf cart, feel free to send us a message, and we will be happy to help.