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Club Car Golf Cart Clutches & Parts

Do you ever feel like your golf cart is surging or jumping? If this is the case, it might be time for you to buy a replacement golf cart drive clutch or driven clutch. The way to the power of your golf cart is the drive clutch, sometimes called a Primary Clutch. This attaches to the engine to transfer the horsepower to the rear through a drive belt and driven or secondary clutch, which is attached to the rear of the golf cart through an input shaft. The use of the golf cart drive clutch system is to allow a smooth transition from slow to faster speeds and climb up a hill or on a incline. If your find that on take off you have a jerky or jumping transitioning to high speed on a level surface or beginning to go up a hill becomes erratic, then a faulty drive or driven clutch may be the problem. The primary drive clutch has internal weights that when spinning cause the outer movable sheave to get closer to the opposing stationary sheave causing the drive belt to move up or out from the center shaft. This causes a change in the pulling ratio from 3:1 at take off to 1:1 at cruising speed of your Club Car golf cart. Whether you are looking at OEM or aftermarket replacement drive or driven clutches for your golf cart, C & C Golf Carts has all of the clutches available for your golf cart today.

Our Club Car drive clutches for sale here are categorized by the make of your golf cart. Simply select your golf cart model and we will show you a selection that best suits what you’ve got. These discount drive clutches for golf carts are some of the best deals available on the market, and for that, you’ll get the highest quality product, too. We stock drive clutches for Club Car DS, Precedent, XRT and Carryall Models.

If you are searching for a one stop shopping experience, look no further. We at C & C Golf Carts have years of experience and our customer service representatives are always eager to help you with any questions you may have about our driven clutches-or any other products we sell.